What does your front door say about you?

If you imagine your front door as the face of your home, what will people think when they first see it?  Warm and friendly? Cool and stylish? Stern and forbidding? Or in need of a good night’s sleep, a shower and shave? First impressions count so make sure your home looks its best for buyers from the very first moment.  If the paintwork is flaky or faded, add a fresh coat.  Sweep up dead leaves or litter accumulating around the step.  Pull any weeds creeping up and replace blown external lightbulbs. And make sure your doorbell is working or that your knocker is hanging straight – you don’t want to miss any visitors!

If your front door isn’t being seen as often as you’d like and you’re struggling to sell your home, you can get help and advice on how to get moving from our team!


Famous Front Doors

Can you identify the residents behind these famous front doors? Try to guess the front doors before looking at the answers at the bottom, no cheating!












1: No 10 Downing Street     2: Home Alone      3: 221B Baker Street – Sherlock Holmes

4: Bilbo Baggins’ hobbit house – Lord of the Rings      5: Teletubbies       6: Hogwarts – Harry Potter

7: The White House     8: Tardis – Harry Potter     9: Nightmare on Elm Street

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