House Prices 2015

We would like to wish all our customers a Happy New Year.

As the New Year starts, we have been investigating how the housing market is set to perform for the next 12 months.

According to Telegraph Property, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors expects all parts of the UK to see modest price rises during 2015, at an average rate of 3pc. It said the North West, South East, West Midlands and Yorkshire and Humberside will see the largest rises at 5pc, while in London prices will be stagnant. © Copyright of Telegraph Media Group Limited 2015

Land registry data in Essex shows that house prices have slowly increased since January 2014. See below results for price increases over the 2014 period. © Crown copyright 2014

Overall, an exciting time for the property industry.

Average house prices in Essex

DATE Average price
Nov 2014 £210,822
Oct 2014 £210,763
Sept 2014 £207,985
Aug 2014 £205,901
July 2014 £203,931
June 2014 £200,866
May 2014 £200,035
April 2014 £198,523
March 2014 £196,933
Feb 2014 £195,552
Jan 2014 £194,655

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