How do you know that you are ready to move house?

It’s tough to know when to call it quits and move to a new place. Packing up your things and hiring a van feels like a lot of effort, and you’ve enjoyed living in your place for a while. Is a move really worth the faff? Are you giving up a good thing for no reason?

The reality is that your home needs to be a sanctuary you actually enjoy returning to – somewhere you can rest your head and relax without being irritated by the lack of storage space in the kitchen or the size of your patio.  When you’re going back and forth on whether to stay or go, it’s handy to know some key signs that show it’s time to move on.

A study commissioned by Keepmoat Homes revealed a few of those top signs. If you go through them and find yourself nodding along, it might be time to take the plunge and ditch your current home. It might be scary, but it’ll be worth it when you come home from a long day at work and actually like where you are.


Top 30 signs it’s time to move house:

  • Your home starts to feel too big or small
  • You browse home-moving websites like Rightmove
  • There are DIY jobs you can’t be bothered to crack on with
  • Your neighbours suddenly seem to annoy you all the time
  • You notice other people’s homes more frequently
  • You don’t have enough storage space
  • You start to yearn for a shorter commute
  • You find yourself complaining about your house
  • You start focussing on all the things which are ‘wrong’ with your house
  • You have the money to move
  • You feel your home is now too old-fashioned
  • You’ve forgotten everything you once loved about it
  • You imagine how you’d decorate a new house
  • You’ve stopped tidying and cleaning as much as you should
  • You bring up houses, decorating and house-hunting in conversation more than you used to
  • You want a new project to work on
  • You start spending more time outside the house than in
  • You begin to feel your kids are ‘too big’ for the house
  • You feel you have ‘too many’ children for your current home
  • You slow down every time you go past a ‘For Sale’ sign
  • Your friends are all living in a different area
  • You stop keeping up with basic maintenance like replacing light bulbs
  • You don’t invite friends round any more
  • You get annoyed by cars parking in ‘your’ space
  • You let your garden fall into disrepair
  • You’ve had planning permission refused and can’t do things you want to do
  • You take a keen interest in other people who are buying new homes
  • You start buying home interior magazines
  • You never go in your garden
  • You find yourself ‘window shopping’ at B&Q


The study found that the average homeowner wants to move after nine years of living in one place.

But money holds us back – 41% say they’re stuck in their current home because they can’t afford the move. And all that hassle plays a part too: More than one in five say they’re staying put because they don’t want to deal with the stress of moving.



So why is moving so hard?

  • It’s time-consuming – from searching for a new home and dealing with estate agents and solicitors to packing up your belongings, you will need to allocate time. And if you are a busy person it can be hard to fit everything in. Choosing a developer that can offer part exchange or assisted move with Moving Made Easy can make the whole process so much easier.  Not only can they speed everything up, they handle all the negotiations and chasing for you, sending you weekly updates to keep you informed.
  • It’s expensive – hard to avoid this one. On average it will cost you £10,000 to move house once all the fees are accounted for, so any financial help your developer offers should snapped up.  Incentives such as stamp duty, moving costs or sellers fees are all things to look for when considering the offers available to you
  • It’s stressful –Most people don’t move home that often and understanding all the steps, surveys, signatures and paperwork required is likely to put you out of your comfort zone. Choose service providers you can trust and then let the experts do the worrying for you.  At Moving Made Easy, we have teams of people on hand to deal with each aspect and they’ll keep you informed every step of the way, so you never feel out of control.

    All you need to do is decide if the many reasons you have for wanting to move outweigh the short-term stresses of the process; focus on the final goal and go for it.


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