Seven Reasons to Switch to Moving Made Easy

Property market getting tougher and sales harder to secure?

Are you frustrated with the slow progress of your Part Exchange or Assisted Move deals?

Does your current service provider keep you fully informed?

At Moving Made Easy we don’t stand still – we keep things moving for our housebuilders and their customers, supporting them all the way regardless of the challenges they face.

Seven Great Reasons to Switch to Moving Made Easy


  1. Cost savings
    How much time do you waste waiting for answers? How much time do you spend chasing buyers, sellers, solicitors, surveyors and estate agents?  At MME we don’t just take care of all that – we tell you exactly what’s going on and make things happen.  Every week you’ll get a detailed update on every property you’re dealing with and, if you need information between reports, you’ll have named contacts in our offices, so you know exactly who to talk to, anytime.


  1. Risk management
    Every successful deal starts with an accurate, realistic valuation of your plot buyers existing property. Get this wrong and you are potentially exposing yourself to financial risk and your buyer to disappointment.  Our Property Valuation Reports are so accurate we achieve, on average, 101.5% of the values we recommend and include all the evidence we used to reach our conclusions so everyone can see that they are fair, unbiased and transparent.


  1. Access to specific expertise and high-quality services
    Our experienced teams know everything there is to know about making sales happen. From choosing the best estate agents and monitoring them closely to making sure they do everything they can to find buyers. From negotiating the best possible price to checking every link in the chain and chasing solicitors and agents to ensure it all happens quickly and smoothly. In fact, we take care of everything.


  1. Fast turnaround 

Our full Property Valuation Report will be with you 24 hours after the last estate agent visit, so you and your customer can agree a deal as quickly as possible.


  1. Additional resource
    We believe that a close working relationship is the best way forward meaning your sales consultants can rely on our teams as we all work together to achieve great results. This means you get an extended team with none of the HR challenges!


  1. More time to concentrate on your core business
    While we’re taking care of the Part Exchange and Assisted Move related sales your teams are free to secure new deals.


  1. You retain control
    We understand the importance of our housebuilder clients knowing exactly what’s happening so we will provide you with accurate and reliable information at all times on every available and SSTC property.


Why not give us one or two sites to work with? We operate on a No Sale – No Fee basis so you have everything to gain, call your nearest Moving Made Easy office today!

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