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Free online training for house builders

After nearly three months of a necessarily strict regime we can all breathe a sigh of relief following the government’s recent announcement amending coronavirus guidelines, reducing restrictions on social distancing and re-opening parts of our economy.

Something to cautiously celebrate!

The property market is moving

In May 2020 the government made changes to its coronavirus guidelines effectively re-starting the housing market in England and signalling that those who wish to move home can do so. At Moving Made Easy this has translated into a strong June. We have seen the sort of volumes normally associated with an ongoing and healthy market in a month, June, often characterised by a lull in activity:

  • We have has seen a surge in instructions to market and our sales negotiators have been busy keeping chains together and booking sales
  • Our western region has seen a record month booking more sales than at any time since we opened two years ago!

Free online training for house builders

Moving Made Easy - online training Assisted Move and Part Exchange schemes are great incentives for potential buyers. Understanding these schemes, their features and their benefits, is therefore key.

We’ve been running informal online training sessions with sales colleagues, working on site for house builders, to help further familiarise themselves with these products, to build confidence and to equip them to have great conversations with potential buyers.

Getting to you as quickly as possible is always our priority we are therefore running these online training sessions in a variety of formats.

Depending on requirement we can provide:

  • Short one-to-one recaps, with individuals or in groups, who are already familiar with assisted move and part exchange but would benefit from a recap and a chance to ask questions
  • Longer training sessions with people, individuals or in groups, who need a little more coaching to understand these schemes and talk through the best way to introduce them to potential buyers

We have found these quick set-up meetings to be very productive, informal and straight to the point, equipping people with the knowledge they need to confidently offer these incentives.

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If you feel that this would beneficial to your organisation, where time and social distancing can be a challenge, please contact us to arrange a convenient time and date.

Robert Poole | Southern Managing Director & Co-owner
01787 221202 | robert.poole@mme.uk.com

Scott Squire | Regional Director, Northern and Western Regions
01823 785993 | scott.squire@mme.uk.com

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How we are valuing property during #Lockdown

We are pleased to say that we are are still valuing property during lockdown. To enable this, and to ensure the protection of all parties involved, we have brought in some checks.

From now, before an appointment, we will call the occupant to discuss COVID guidelines, going through a set of questions to check the safety of all involved.

Pending the answers to these questions we will then advise on how to proceed with the valuation.


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