How do I sell my home quickly AND for the best possible price?

A quick online search on ‘selling a home quickly’ will bring up pages and pages of estate agents, auction houses and cash buyers, all keen to relieve you of your property – sometimes in as little as seven days.  But at what cost?

Estate agents will often inflate the selling price, giving you unrealistic expectations of what you might get and then take a couple of months to sell it.  Cash buyers will price it modestly but then only offer 90% of that value in exchange for a super-fast completion.  And auction houses will always be a gamble – you can set a minimum price but if it doesn’t sell on the day, you’ve lost several weeks and got nowhere.

Moving Made Easy can offer a fourth option.  One that will usually find you a buyer quickly and achieve full market value.

Our method? Firstly, we do our research, consulting local estate agents, examining the local market and the sales history of the area.  That gives us an accurate, realistic and fair market value for your property.  As soon as that value is agreed by you, we start to market your home using a tried and tested multi-agency technique that ensures maximum exposure.  According to Rightmove, on average it takes 62 days to sell a house; we take less than half that and we don’t do it by reducing the price.  In fact, we achieve just over 100% accuracy when you compare our recommended selling prices with the prices properties actually sell for.

And we don’t stop there.  Once an offer is accepted and the buyer has proved they have the means to pay for it, we take care of all the paperwork on your behalf, liaising with estate agents, solicitors, surveyors and mortgage advisers up and down the chain to make sure nothing goes wrong and to resolve any issues as soon as they arise, meaning you sell your house quickly and for the best possible price.  By far the best option all round.

If you like help to sell your property get in touch with your nearest office or visit our website today.

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