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Staying healthy whilst working from home

Our lives have been turned upside down in a way we would normally associate with a film or book!

Here are 7 tips for good well being and mental health to help us adjust to working from home (thank you #NHS):

Many of us are working from home and although good, and probably something we have wanted to do for a while, it does bring its own challenges.

None of us will miss the commute but we probably do miss the sense of connectedness and clarity that comes from being co-located. Feelings of stress, boredom, anxiety and being worried about future job prospects are common right now.

1. Establish your own routine – draw clear lines around work and personal life. Get into a routine together for how you manage breaks, start and end times.

2. Make a dedicated workspace – a quiet space away from other people and distractions, with everything you need in one place – and shut the door if you can.

3. Give yourself a break – making time for breaks is important to help manage any feelings of stress and to refocus.  Concentrate on something else so you feel more focused when you return.

4. Stay connected – feeling isolated is common right now. The good news is that there are lots of ways to stay in touch, boosting the mental wellbeing of yourself and others. Schedule video calls, pick up the phone instead of emailing/messaging and ask for help when you need it.

5. Set boundaries – you can be more flexible when working from home, so enjoy it. But it can also be difficult if there are distractions to deal with, children may think you are on a holiday for example. Setting boundaries with other members of your household will help mental wellbeing while working at home.

6. Start thinking longer term – we may have to work from home for a while longer so think of ways of improving how you work, ways that will help you feel more in control of your work load, that you understand expectations and feel more connected.

7. Be kind to yourself – be kind to yourself and acknowledge that you might not be as productive as you usually would be. Be realistic about what you can achieve given the circumstances, and relax when your work is done.

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How we are valuing property during #Lockdown

We are pleased to say that we are are still valuing property during lockdown. To enable this, and to ensure the protection of all parties involved, we have brought in some checks.

From now, before an appointment, we will call the occupant to discuss COVID guidelines, going through a set of questions to check the safety of all involved.

Pending the answers to these questions we will then advise on how to proceed with the valuation.

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