Tips on how to sell your home

With Autumn fast approaching, the nights drawing in and the odds of good weather starting to dwindle, there are a few things to consider if you’re trying to sell your house:

If the sun is shining, get the lawn mower out. If you miss that last perfect day, you’ll have a scruffy lawn for the whole of winter and potential buyers will notice.


Tidy the flower beds. No excuse on this one – you don’t need good weather – just wellies! Cut back fading, sagging plants and shrubs to leave your garden neat and tidy. And stay on top of fallen leaves – don’t let them turn to brown mush on steps and in corners.


Replace any dead lightbulbs – you’ll have got away with it in the light summer evenings but for viewings in winter, a light that doesn’t work really stands out. If there are no streetlights where you are, consider adding some solar lights to help visitors find their way up the garden path. You can always take them with you when you move.


Put garden furniture, BBQs, clothes lines and toys into storage – they look really forlorn left out in the cold and damp and will make gardens and patios look smaller. With any luck, you’ll be in your new home next time you need them.


Replace old, worn doormats. People that need to wipe their feet will be more aware of them in wet weather. Try not to let a mountain of winter coats and shoes build up in the hallway.


Check gutters are clear and able to cope with the wetter weather.


As tempting as it is to just heat the room you’re actually sitting in, cold spots aren’t exactly inviting. You may have to bite the bullet and ensure the whole house is a welcoming temperature, even the rooms that are rarely used.


Now is the time to divide perennial plants and collect seeds. If there are plants you’d like to take with you when you move you should start transferring them into pots. And if you’d normally be planting bulbs for the spring now – why not plant them in containers so you can take them with you and get a splash of colour in the new year in your new home?

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